The Future of search » Dominic Hodgson


SEO expert and blogger Dom “The Hodge” Hodgson speculates on the future of search technologies, services and portals beyond the current state of the art…

You can find Dom’s slides here…

A digital will needs a digital way » Ian Pringle


Tech entrepreneur and part-time punk Ian Pringle, suggests that as our lives are increasingly lived electronically, we need to be mindful of what happens to our digital assets after we die…

You can find Ian’s slides here…

Could hardware hacking save us? » Alexandra Dechamps-Sonsino


CEO of, Alexandra Deschamp-Sonsino unpacks the skills of makers and the burgeoning culture of DIY hardware hacking and physical computing…

You can find Alex’s slides here…

Perfection in design » Dean Vipond


Designer Dean Vipond asks is anything perfect, deconstructing the packaging of paracetamol tablets in seeking to understand whether it is at all possible to find perfection in design…

You can find Dean’s slides here…

Embracing concurrency for fun, utility & simpler code » Michael Sparks


The BBC’s Michael Sparks takes us on a whistlestop journey through the basics of concurrent computing and its implications for software development…

You can find Michael’s slides here…

Don’t forget voice! Telephony hacks for web 2.0 hackers » Tim Panton


Tim Panton discusses how voice and telephony are often overlooked features in the world of web applications…

You can find Tim’s slides here…

Ignite Leeds {2012}


A Message from your Mobile (Matt Edgar)
When billions of a new species appear on earth in just a few short years we have to wonder where they come from. And what they want from us. Matt Edgar has been listening in on the secret thoughts of the smartphones. Matt Edgar does service design and innovation in the amazing world of web and mobile media. Before that he was a newspaper journalist and history student. He’s based in Leeds, where he co-organises Service Design Thinks and Drinks. He also writes a blog at

Exploring Life Online (Tom Woolley)
Tom Woolley, Curator of New Media at the National Media Museum will provide a sneak preview of the forthcoming Life Online gallery – a new exhibition dedicated to the history and impact of the internet.

Taking Local News SoLoCo – social, local & mobile (Sarah Hartley)

Who Pays On The First Date? (Ian Forrester)

DIYbio: The next Frontier (Hwa Young)
Hwa Young Jung is a co-founder and a director of MadLab, a community centre for creative, tech and science based the Manchester. Over 50 user groups meet once a month, including DIYBIOMCR a joint funded project with MMU and the Wellcome Trust.

Discount User Testing (Simon East)
A simple and cheap way to understand what your users actually think of your product. Simon is the co-founder and CEO of DriveGain, who produce an iPhone app that helps users save fuel as they drive. Before that Simon founded photo-uploading startup Cognima/Shozu. Simon started out at PDA pioneer Psion and was part of the executive team that spun the software arm out to create Symbian.

Responsive Web Design (Tom Morgan)
What is Responsive Web Design, why is it necessary, how is it approached. With significantly different paradigms to say print or application design, it’s moving the web away from those media and towards something in it’s own right, maturing as its own medium. Oh and something about Modern Art… Tom is a freelance web designer / front-end developer living and working in Leeds. He started his career with virtual newscaster Ananova syndicating XML news feeds and worked as a PHP coder on Orange’s mobile portal before finding his way into service design, user experience and front-end design and development. He was born in Wales but grew up near Liverpool. He’s a father of two and loves listening to the Rat Pack crooners (only semi-ironically).

Building a coworking space at Duke Studios (Laura Wellington & James Abbot-Donnelly)
In 2011 James Abbott Donnelly and Laura Wellington decided to create Duke Studios; a creative space based in the heart of the Leeds. They are doing it in the belief that exciting design, thoughtful community building and providing creative facilities will foster innovation and that working collaboratively can prove to be more powerful and profitable than working alone. Their talk is on what Duke is all about, their journey to where they are now and where they see it heading. Laura comes from a background in design and James is a photographer. After pursuing their individual businesses alongside their day jobs they decided to take the leap, leave the nine to five and set up their dream studios in Leeds.

uKinect (Richard England)
uKinect is a prototype gesture recognition system for learning non-verbal communication through Makaton: a language programme using signs and gestures to help people communicate. It utilisises the depth sensing capabilities of Microsoft’ Xbox Kinect.

Making it better (Jane Wood)
Service Design – approaches to designing services around patients needs. Jane is creating, thinking, making, talking and taking a people centred approach to the development of innovative digital tools and services within art and culture, health and wellbeing.

Under the Hood: why design and code have to hide themselves (Dean Vipond)
Humans are curious by nature, and like to understand how things are made. So why does digital design work so hard to pretend it isn’t there? I’ll explore why digital interfaces often look to copy the real world, and if this might ever change. [WARNING: May contain crackpot theories]. Dean Vipond is a designer of things. Sometimes fun, sometimes useful, hopefully both. Recent work includes projects for BBC, Channel 4 and

A Journey South: Two Very Gallant Gentlemen (Tim Medcalf)
A story of connections, coincidences, and (at least) 4.1 channel audio. Tim is a mobile developer @ twentysix, alumni of the OBH co-working space, and obscure electronic ‘music’ fanatic.

DIGITAL storytelling | digital STORYTELLING (Sarah Copeland)
Ever heard the term digital storytelling and thought you knew what it meant and then wondered if maybe you don’t after all? The term digital storytelling is applied to a wealth of media-related processes and practices, but the roots of this movement take on a renewed significance in the age of the twitter revolution. Sarah is a full-time mum of two boys and two dogs, trying to write up a PhD about Community Digital Storytelling, a full-time job in itself. And in the spare bits, between walking the dogs for miles each day and knitting, she keeps busy with teaching and freelance multi-media work.

Zark Muckerberg (Hayden Cohen)
Age of the Geek is Hayden’s new show touring round the various fringe festivals up and down the country. It’s a combination of spoken word, music and comedy. This is just a short extract that refers to no one person in particular. Hayden is a spoken word artist and musician. He has been performing for longer than he can remember and will be taking his second one man show to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012. During March, Hayden has an album launch in Leeds and London, but his greatest achievement so far is playing Tevier from Fiddler on the Roof – Aged 8.

Aid 2.0: IT In Africa » Jeff Allen


Jeff Allen recounts his work with various NGOs and charities, bringing connectivity and communication to some of the most distressed communities in the developing world…

You can find Jeff’s slides here…

Bringing Social to Coffee on iPhone » Katie Lips


Katie Lips opened Ignite UK North, setting the tone for the evening with her experience of designing, developing and publishing her first iPhone app, CoffeeBuzz

You can find Katie’s slides here…

Introducing Ignite UK North (Craig Smith)


Craig welcomes the audience to Ignite UK North and sets the scene for the evening – he even beat the 5 minute constraint for Ignite presenters…!

You can find Craig’s introductory slides below…